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sprinkler system

Need a sprinkler system for your home or business?  Since 1993, the experts of Augusta Custom Lawn Sprinkler have worked with homeowners, home builders, and business owners alike.  We design, install, and maintain the best irrigation systems from start to finish!

We all know that the weather in Augusta, GA is unpredictable.  Natural rainfall simply can’t be relied on to provide enough moisture for a lawn to flourish and thrive.  Hand-watering is not only time-consuming; it also puts your lawn at risk for over-watering, which can lead to root rot, moss, mildew, and other disease.

A properly installed and maintained underground sprinkler system is the most efficient way to care for your lawn and will ensure that it stays healthy year-round.  It conserves water by directing it exactly where and when it’s needed, and saves you time and money.

Augusta Custom Lawn Sprinkler will carefully assess your property to determine what type of grass and plant material is in the landscape, soil conditions, and the amount of daily sun & shade.   This allows us to select the most appropriate sprinkler system type for your lawn.  We’ll also measure the space to determine proper location and spacing for the sprinklers, which is critical for even water application.

Based on the assessment of your lawn, Augusta Custom Lawn Sprinkler will then design the most efficient sprinkler system possible to ensure your yard receives the right amount of water to stay healthy all year long.

Rain Sensors

To further conserve water, Augusta Custom Lawn Sprinkler will also install rain sensors for your irrigation system.  Rain sensors will pause the sprinkler system when natural rainfall is sufficient to water the lawn, so as not to overwater.  It also turns your sprinklers back on when dry conditions are present.

Recommended Watering Schedule

Established lawns have different water requirements than fresh sod.  Unsure about how often your sprinkler system should run?  Our irrigation experts will provide you with a customized watering schedule to take the guesswork out of operating your new sprinkler system.

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