Sod Installation

A beautiful yard begins with the landscaping!  You want to start with the proper foundation of a lush, green lawn. And there’s no faster way to achieve that than professionally installed sodding.  Perhaps your lawn simply hasn’t established itself properly, maybe it’s been weathered and hasn’t thrived through the years, or you might even be starting from scratch with new construction.  No matter your yard’s condition, Augusta Custom Lawn Sprinkler can install your sod quickly and easily.  We’ll give you the know-how to ensure your new grass is adequately watered as it begins to take root during the first few critical days.

Wondering what type of sod your lawn will need?  Augusta Custom Lawn & Sprinkler has you – and your lawn – covered.  Our on-staff horticulturist is an expert at determining what varieties of turf grass will best thrive on your home or business’s property.  We’ll take into account watering and fertilizing requirements, potential foot traffic, shade & sun requirements, and how often the lawn will need to be mowed.  When selecting your sod, we’ll also consider the grass’s tolerance for varying temperatures, as Augusta’s weather can often be unpredictable.

We provide the highest quality sodding available, in many varieties, all of which thrive in Georgia and South Carolina in varying conditions.  We offer Zoysia, Centipede, St. Augustine, Bermuda, Emerald, El Toro, Fescue, JaMur, Zeon, and many others.

The lawn size is no matter.  Augusta Custom Lawn Sprinkler manages sod installations of all sizes, from small residential sites, to large commercial properties that require multiple truckloads of sod.

Unlike other types of plants, you don’t have to wait for ideal conditions to have your sod put in.  Early spring through mid-autumn is the most popular time for sod installation.  However, we can install sod year-round in our area.

Landscape Design

A professionally installed, well-designed yard provides many years of enjoyment.  Flower beds, decorative shrubs and trees, and rich mulch all add beauty and character to your lawn.  The Augusta Custom Lawn Sprinkler landscape team can work with you to help design a lush, colorful yard that blooms year-round with the right bulbs, annuals, and perennials for your landscape.

Paired with a beautifully crafted hardscape, a custom designed landscape will give you the yard of your dreams.  And as a result, you’ll enjoy the outdoors at home more often.

Lawn Care and Maintenance

Once you have a beautiful lawn, it can be challenging to keep it that way:  mowing the grass, bagging the clippings, edging the areas around pavement, weeding, fertilizing… Landscaping is a lot for anyone to maintain, particularly those with families and jobs.  That’s where the experts at Augusta Custom Lawn Sprinkler come in.

Our lawn care team has excellent lawn care down to a science.  We’ve got the professional equipment to get the job done efficiently, as well as the time, manpower, & commitment to dedicate to beautifying your lawn that your busy schedule might not allow.

Regular, ongoing maintenance (preferably weekly) to your landscaping promotes a healthy lawn. Maintenance includes mowing grass, edging flower beds or around hardscapes, pruning shrubs and trees, and removing all clippings.  Augusta Custom Lawn Sprinkler provides custom lawn care maintenance plans to fit your budget.

Additional Lawn Care Services

Our expert maintenance crews can provide extra services such as:

  • brush removal
  • tree removal
  • weeding
  • fertilization
  • spring and fall aeration (this helps your lawn better absorb moisture and nutrients)
  • spring and fall yard cleanup
  • mulching
  • hardscape cleaning
  • and more – just ask!