sprinkler repair
Sprinkler Repair

Has your water bill seemed suspiciously higher than usual?  Have you noticed excess water in your yard, or a leak or drip that shouldn’t be there?  It’s time to call the experts at Augusta Custom Lawn Sprinkler!  We have over 30 years of experience providing the area with fast, affordable sprinkler repair service.

Your sprinkler system works hard in the spring and summer months to maintain a lush, healthy landscape.  And with the unpredictably harsh winters we’ve seen in the southeast, occasional freezes could easily damage your sprinkler lines.  This can lead to hidden line leaks (potentially wasting thousands of gallons of water a month – expensive, to say the least!).  This can also cause broken sprinkler heads, excessive water run-off and, ultimately, high water bills.

The professional irrigation team at Augusta Custom Lawn Sprinkler can assess and repair all elements of your lawn’s irrigation system.  We’re the top choice for sprinkler repair in the CSRA!

Valve Location

Your sprinkler system’s irrigation valves are critical, as they control the sprinkler system’s flow of water.  Each valve is responsible for a specific zone of the irrigation system.  The sprinkler system’s timer sends electrical signals through wires to the valves, which tells the valves when to open and when to close.

Locating sprinkler valves in a yard, particularly an established one, isn’t always a simple task.  The valves might be above-ground, but they’re often buried underground in a valve box and can be challenging to find.  But that’s where the experts come in!

With our state-of-the-art valve-locating equipment, Augusta Custom Lawn Sprinkler can quickly and easily locate lost valves in your yard without damaging the lawn.

If your sprinkler system is not operating properly, or if it’s gone too long without being serviced or inspected, call Augusta Custom Lawn Sprinkler today for more information :  (706) 738-1032